Saturday, November 10, 2018

80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

The Kristallnacht was the National Socialists (shortened to Nazi) first organized attack on the Jewish population of Germany. It was designed to appear to be a "spontaneous demonstration" as the result of the shooting of a diplomat on November 7. Many believe there was a more or less straight line from Kristallnacht to the Holocaust.

As we see Antifa and other violent extremist movements growing in the United States we must realize that if they continue to grow unchecked that, yes, it could happen here.

Below is from a series of tweets from Ms. Elisheva Avital (@ElishevaAvital) whose father had a photo album from WWII that was uncovered after his death two years ago. While I am reproducing them as best I can, I urge you to go to Twitter to see the originals. They will be a punch to your gut.

Thank you, Ms. Avital for your incredibly valuable tweets. 

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