Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review: MOVE Live on Tour

Jullianne and Derek Hough opened their national tour in Wichita yesterday evening and it was great fun. The show is Vegas-y in a good way. Well produced and executed with plenty of audience interaction. My only complaint is the mildly risqué jokes between the two stars seem awkward when done by brother and sister.

I see that most of the upcoming shows are sold out, but if you do not have your tickets yet, I have a couple of recommendations.
Get tickets on the floor (they go into the audience) or in elevated seats farther back in the center. We were off to the side and, while we had a great view, a number of the "bits" were hard to see from the side.

Do not sit in the first 2 to three rows. Their stage is higher than some and I imagine it would be uncomfortable to see the entire stage.

I give MOVE 4.5 stars.

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