Denver Metro: Tornado Warning!

2:28pm: The tornado threat is now between the orange arrow (north) and the gray arrow (south edge of threat), in my opinion. I have circled an area of very large hail that is going to affect the airport. I expect some airliners to be disabled by hail damage, at least for a time. This will be my last update on this storm, please consult local sources. 
View of storm from DIA. Get away from windows!!!

UPDATE: 2:04PM, the tornado appears to be near I-70 and the airport interchange moving northeast. This is the velocity data from the Denver Terminal Doppler Weather Radar.

Want to make sure you and your friends and family are aware a tornado warning has now been issued for the Denver area. This radar frame is from 2:00pm MDT. The storm is moving northeast. Note the pronounced hook echo in yellow.
There is also a potentially severe thunderstorm near Englewood.

The warning (red) for the tornado covers the identical area as the earlier severe thunderstorm warning (yellow) and most of the red is covered up.

I am not live-blogging these storms. 


  1. Link to the storm moving (literally) over the radar site:


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