Global Warming: Is There Anything It Can't Do??

Now, it is sun kinks on railroad tracks:
They are called "sun" kinks for a reason. It is the sun that excessively heats the rails more than just the temperatures.

Yesterday, it was global warming causes more infidelity. Today, sun kinks. Tomorrow, it will be
green monsters from outer space.

Over on Facebook, I heard from a climate scientist who questioned whether the sun could heat exposed metal rails to a higher temperature than the air temperature. The answer is absolutely, yes! Because meteorologists want to measure the temperature of the air, official thermometers are sheltered from the sun by putting them into louvered boxes painted white. An example is below.

Otherwise, the thermometer would be measuring the radiant heat of the sun rather than the temperature of the air. I suspect that Climate Central, like our climatologist friend and so many other climatologists, don't know the basics of meteorology which is why so many incorrect statements are made.


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