Saturday, May 31, 2014

NY Times on Father Emil Kapaun

A picture of the Rev. Emil J. Kapaun that hangs in the school named in his honor shows him using the hood of his jeep as an altar as his assistant, Patrick J. Schuler, knelt in prayer in Korea. The picture was taken on Oct. 7, 1950, by Col. Raymond A. Skeehan.
The New York Times religion section has a wonderful story about Fr. Emil Kapaun today. He was both secular hero, given the Medal of Honor by President Obama, and will likely (in my opinion) be declared a saint by the Catholic Church for, literally, giving of his life to help his fellow prisoners during the Korean War.

My children went to Kapaun High School. The memorial to Fr. Kapaun in the school's rotunda is simultaneously uplifting and sobering. One wonders how he could physically do everything he did in the prison camp. Clearly, God was with him.

Hat tip: Roy Wenzl of the Wichita Eagle who has done outstanding work in reporting the story of Fr. Kapaun's life. There are many more stories about Fr. Kapaun here.

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