Sunday, May 11, 2014

Heads Up: Lincoln, NE

Click to enlarge image. Tornado is now near Cordoba, NE. Very strong rotation indicated on radar. Milford, Beaver Crossing. Goehner, and Pleasant Dale are all in danger. Just got (5:09pm) report of electrical transmission towers toppled near Cordoba. 

If this storm continues on its present path and persists, Seward Co. and Lincoln are in danger.

Please monitor this situation and be prepared to take immediate cover. 

In Lincoln and Seward Co.,

Make sure you can quickly get to shelter if a warning is issued and that you have the following:
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Flashlight with good batteries
  • Any important keepsakes that can be taken to shelter (putting them in the shelter now is a good idea). 
  • A bottle of water or two. 
  • A charged cell phone. 

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