Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Forecast Update on T.S. Isaac

The above is a "true color" satellite image of Isaac this afternoon from NOAA. Winds are still around 70 mph and, according to the Hurricane Center, the storm surge is still seven feet in areas.

The blue is a tropical storm warning. Isaac will turn more to the north tonight and tomorrow and increase in forward speed tomorrow.

As of 4pm, the Audubon Park in New Orleans had recorded 17 inches. The map immediately below represents rainfall as estimated using both radar and rain gauges. Note: There may be some inaccuracy in the gauge-readings in the very high winds.

The light pink colors in two areas represent estimated rainfalls of 12 to 14 inches!

Here is a forecast of additional rainfall.
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Currently, NWS river forecasts show rivers rising (in some cases already above flood stage) from roughly Natchez on the west and Mobile on the east. As these rains spread north through Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, you should monitor the latest river forecasts if you live in an area that can be flooded.

Please note the forecasts of more than eight inches of rain east of Springfield, MO and more than ten inches of rain east of Springfield, IL. Depending upon the speed at which they fall, these may be sufficient to cause flooding, drought or no drought.

That said, in other areas, this rain will be most welcome.

Finally, a tornado watch is in effect until midnight for the indicated areas.

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