Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick 10:40pm Isaac Update

This is the radar from 10:25pm. The center has drifted just about straight west the last few hours and the structure of the storm is better organized. The winds are still less than would be expected with a central barometric pressure of 968mb.

The storm continues to batter the region from about the Florida-Alabama border west across southeast Louisiana. It is the fourth straight hours of NNE winds gusting to 55-65 mph across New Orleans. That will change little during the night and, if anything, winds may increase as the center drifts WNW.

Here is the forecast track:

Wind speeds seem to be increasing near the eye. The brown color SSW of New Orleans is winds aloft of more than 110 mph. These are getting closer to the ground. 

N.O's levees are going to take quite a beating overnight -- of longer duration than Katrina's. Here's hoping the new levees can withstand it. 

Regardless of wind and storm surge rainfall across the area will be in the 15 to 18 inch range. Widespread, major flooding is likely.

The tornado watch continues overnight as indicated below.

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