Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Preparations

A very good list is here.

However, for reasons I do not understand, some important advice is left off that (and most other lists) which is get prescription drugs refilled now. I'm repeating an explanation I gave posted two days ago:

* I almost forgot. During Irene last year, someone asked me why I always mention refilling a prescription in these early cautionary posts. Here's why..

Suppose you have twelve days ( = 12 pills) of Acme Wonder Drug in the bottle. Plenty, right? Wrong!  

Assume you, your pharmacist, and physician live in Mosquito Junction By-The-Sea. An evacuation is ordered Sunday afternoon (you are down to eight pills) for a storm predicted to strike Mosquito Junction By-The-Sea on Tuesday (down to six pills). Further assume that, unfortunately, weather science is correct as usual. The National Guard comes in and ropes off Mosquito Junction for a week (which is common). You are down to a single pill.  

Given that you are in a motel in Hogwash Falls waiting to return home and your physician and pharmacist are in the same boat, how are you going to get that prescription refilled? So, you want to make sure you have plenty of prescription medicine and other critical supplies before an evacuation order might be issued. 

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