Monday, August 20, 2012


From a meteorologist's Facebook post this evening:

Just when everybody thought this [future hurricane] was Gulf bound... [the] models are now switching it up again. 

Is the public is supposed to be concerned about a storm more than a week away, that the models' flip-flop its future path all over the place (literally from the Yucatan to Bermuda!), that still isn't developing?

The reason why I'm doing multiple postings about these silly forecasts is because meteorology has enough credibility problems without its practitioners making forecasts that have almost no chance of validation.

To the public near the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts:  There is nothing to worry about at this time.

AccuWeather and this blog will let you know in plenty of time if and when there is something to worry about.


  1. Who knew that Facebook and Twitter aided in the spread of model cancer?

  2. With 24/7 news on 4+ networks you have to provide excitement/fear to keep your ratings up. And since these are the dog days of summer I guess you have to grab any story you can and escalate it.


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