Monday, August 27, 2012

Denting the Drought - Adding Isaac's Rain

The drought situation is looking better as a result of substantial rain throughout the central third of the United States. Below are two maps displaying the 14-day rainfall.

Northern Winter Wheat and Western Corn Belt
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Favorable rain fell in many areas except in central Missouri and the western two-thirds of Nebraska.

Southern Winter Wheat

Very substantial rains have fallen throughout this region. This is about as widespread and beneficial rainfall as ever occurs over a two week period (i.e., little flooding) in this region.

The Forecast -- 7pm Monday to 7pm Thursday
During the last 30-days, the Gulf coast has not been particularly dry. The blue and purple areas have had above normal rainfall (scale at right in percent of normal).  Wet areas include New Orleans. North of Memphis, just about everyone has been dry.

The new NWS forecast shows massive amounts of rain from about Jackson south to the coast and very heavy rains over southeast Louisiana, including New Orleans.
The X-symbols are amounts over 15" and the first yellow color is 7 inches. Given the normal to wet conditions prior to these rains, I would expect moderate to major flooding in this region and residents and transportation interests should prepare accordingly.


Here is the NWS 5-day rainfall outlook. Looks like some substantial rainfall for the dry areas in Missouri and Illinois.

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