Sunday, August 26, 2012

"A Great Job of Storytelling"

A new review of Warnings was posted at Amazon today. Here are some excepts. Entire review here.

The author does a great job of storytelling, and for anyone who is a layman to the science of meteorology, this is a perfect read/introduction to this aspect of it. For those more seasoned in the science, while you may already know much of what's told, it's still an interesting read. Took me roughly a week to get through it, which is quick for my pace of late. Here are some pros and cons about the book...

...Overall, as I said, if you're a layman or want to learn more about meteorology and the US warning system, this is a great book to start with... And if you're involved in the warning process, this is a good read to remind you of why you really do what you do, how far we've come, and how important you are to the public.

Thanks for the review!

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