Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Week Ahead

The tropics look quiet for the U.S. through next weekend.  There is a system in the southern Atlantic (red hatching) that might pose a threat next week but don't sweat it. 

The turn toward wetter weather in Oklahoma and Texas this past week is forecast to continue but with some uncertainty as to location.

The National Weather Service's 5-day rainfall amount forecast (from 7am CDT this morning) has heavy rain again over the southern Plains.

However, this morning's run of the Global Forecast Model has the heavy rain considerably farther north. The bright orange in southeast Kansas and on the KS-OK border are five inch areas.

Through Tuesday morning, no widespread areas of tornadoes or severe thunderstorms are expected.

Temperatures will not be extraordinary anywhere in the U.S. this week, just typical for summertime. For example, here are today's predicted high's from AccuWeather.

So, enjoy this late summer weather.

UPDATE: 3PM Sunday:

In response to a Twitter question (@usweatherexpert), here is the ten day rainfall forecast from the European model. While slower-developing than the U.S. model, it shows the rain creeping into Kansas and Missouri. So, I'd say I'm mildly encouraged.

Feel free to post questions in the comments or via Twitter. I always appreciate the feedback from our readers.

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