Friday, August 24, 2012

Very High Resolution Farm Belt Rainfall Forecast

Courtesy of the NWS and Dr. Ryan Maue, here are high resolution rainfall forecasts valid from 7am CDT this morning until 7pm CDT Sunday evening for the Farm Belt.

click to enlarge

A suggestion: If you live in an area where heavy rain is forecast turn off your sprinklers. 


  1. Thanks for the sprinkler shut-off reminder.

    Most irrigation companies have sensors now that will shut off the system during rain. I purchased one, but did not worry about installing it with the way the summer has been.

    They are fairly easy to install on the timers, and some are even wireless. Usually you can set the amount of rain required to shut the system down.

    Mike B.

  2. MikeB: You can't believe the number of sprinklers running while I was driving to work in the rain.

    Hate to see water wasted.


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