Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yes, I Know There Is a POTENTIAL Hurricane Twelve to Fourteen Days Away

Facebook and Twitter have lit up this afternoon because a computer model shows a hurricane hitting the U.S. coast in 12-14 days. I've already been asked why I haven't posted about it.
Computer-produced hurricane forecast valid twelve days from now.
The forecast is extremely blurry. 
My advice, for the third time this hurricane season, don't sweat it!

The single most reliable hurricane forecast model, the European, doesn't have a forecast hurricane occurring at all.

The last time I wrote one of these cautions Ernesto hit the southeast Yucatan rather than the U.S. There was nothing to worry about in the United States.

These overwrought hurricane forecasts do nothing but upset people living in coastal areas and hurt the credibility of the meteorological profession.  

So, I promise I'll cover any genuine hurricane threat to the U.S. on this blog and we'll cover it in detail at

In the meantime, enjoy the summer weather this week.

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