Winter Wheat Belt Rain Update, 5:10pm

Update 6:43pm. Round two looking good!

Original posting:

Believe it or not, the blog is getting more hits regarding the rain -- both now occurring and forecast -- over the Great Plains than it is over Isaac. So, here is an update for readers interested in that topic.

Here is the two day rainfall up to 4pm CDT. Substantial rains have already occurred.
click to enlarge

Round two (of three) is now developing. Note: The Blacktop Nationals in downtown Wichita should be OK for the next few hours.

Here is the forecast radar for 1am CDT Saturday Morning:

And, here is the forecast rainfall from 3pm this afternoon (i.e., including the rain now falling in the High Plains) to 6am CDT Saturday:

I will have a recap of round two and a forecast specific round three in the morning.

Note: Scroll down three posts for a high resolution total rainfall forecast for the weekend.  


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