Saturday, February 4, 2012

And I Thought the U.S. Was Overly Commercial!

You learn something new every day.

The German weather service allows commercial companies to "sponsor" weather systems. Only, it has backfired on the Mini Cooper people when Cold Front "Cooper" caused people to die of hypothermia.

While the snow and ice have brought some stunning scenes across Europe, the freezing temperatures have led to at least 100 deaths, mainly in Poland and Ukraine.
In Ukraine alone, nearly 950 people are being treated in hospital with hypothermia and frostbite, the Associated Press news agency reports.
The Munich-based advertising agency said it was no longer commenting on the unfortunate correlation between the progress of the severe weather and the car it sought to publicize.
It could have been worse:

The meteorological institute's "Adopt a Vortex" scheme has been running since 2002, with the money raised helping to fund weather monitoring at Berlin's Free University.

Thank goodness we didn't have this program in the U.S. Could you imagine the PR fiasco that would have resulted if some company had "adopted" one of the many vortices that roamed around the U.S. last spring?

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