Saturday, February 4, 2012

Andy Gabrielson, RIP

Storm chaser Andy Gabrielson was killed by a driver going the wrong way on a highway near Tulsa earlier today. Here are details.

He will be missed.

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  1. My Tribute to Andy Gabrielson
    From Genger Lisle Skroblus (
    We may have all lost a dear member of the storm chaser community. But look at it this way: Andy isn't gone!!! He has just changed zip codes. His ability to beat almost every chaser to the base of the tornado, Andy has once again beat us all to a life everlasting dwelling with the Lord in Heaven!!! I'll bet ya' Andy is sitting with Paul right now talking his head off about his many chases!!! And I'm sure Andy will be watching out over us chasers and give us his blessing and pray for us as we continue to "Find The Storm."
    Although I didn't know Andy personally, I've known of him very well for quite a while. Him living in Oklahoma during storm season, Andy worked close with local weather authorities in and around the Sooner State and wherever the storm took him. He was in the top bracket of storm chasers.
    Losing Andy came way to soon and was a senseless loss of human life but we have to trust that God had His reasons and something good will come from this tragedy!!! Maybe it is to draw the chase community closer, while being more open to welcoming newcomers. Although we are out there for several reasons, some of which is it's our job, our desire for the hunt, our obsession for extreme weather, to photograph and video Mother Nature's fury, and for some to compete with others, or seeking fame, but first and foremost we are there to help aid professionals and the media in advanced warning to the citizens in the line of danger!!!
    When Andy chased he was always in the right place at the right time, and probably closer to the storm than all of us chasers on any given chase day. I can only imagine what his legacy would hold if he hadn't been taken from us so soon!!!
    My words couldn't come close to describing his God given talent to find the perfect storm. Now he has arrived in the ultimate position in Heaven!!! It is evident Andy was loved by all!!!! He leaves behind his family, close friends, and the chase community, but his legacy will live on forever!!! We all pray for his family, friends and everyone who's life he impacted. I will dedicate the 2012 season in his honor. And remember this, Andy is not gone!!! He will dwell in our hearts forever!!!


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