You May Never See This Again

Below is the National Weather Service's warnings and watch map as of 9:45pm CST.
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With the exception of a blizzard warning for far west central Alaska, there isn't a single meteorological watch or warning anywhere in the U.S. 

Yes, there are some flood watches/warnings and a high surf warning in parts of Hawaii but those are hydrological warnings.

Amazingly calm.

UPDATE at 7:30am Thursday: It is over. There is a "lake effect snow watch" now out for Metro Chicago and a freezing fog warning for North Platte, NE.


  1. That's what February is for :)

  2. "a high surf warning in parts of Hawaii"

    Reminds me of a hilarious (but, be warned, NSFW) comedy routine (easily found on You Tube; if you want to see it just google it) in which Triumph the Insult Comic Dog does the TV weather report for Hawaii. "The entire island is threatened by three full days of SHADE!!!"



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