Degenerating Discourse in Climate Science

I want to thank Dr. John Knox for bringing the harassment of climate scientist Dr. Katherine Hayhoe to my attention.

Dr. Hayhoe, of Texas Tech University, is a mainstream climate scientist -- by all accounts an honest and ethical researcher -- who has been on the defensive due to vulgar attacks from people who do not agree with her. Apparently, all of this started because of something to do with a book by Newt Gingrich (I have not delved into this part of the controversy).

There is far, far too much of this nonsense -- from both sides -- involving climate science. While there is nothing wrong respectfully with challenging people's scientific conclusions (that is how science advances), there is everything wrong with personal insults and attacks. It needs to stop.

Let's stick to science!

Thanks, again, John.


  1. Then stop making the data political it is data. The data shows profound warming. How anyone could look at the data and come up with any other conclusion is frighteningly political sir

  2. I can read a graph that shows temperatures peaked in 1998 and have leveled off since:

    As to the "profound" warming, you mean this?

    The fact that temperatures have warmed over those of the Little Ice Age (1850, when the graph begins) is hardly surprising or even adverse. No giant famines these days like there were in the late '60s and '70's when temperatures were lower (look at the graph) and world population was less.

    I do not claim to know whether temperatures will rise, drop, or stay the same going forward -- no one does.

  3. Cheer up Mike. Even the Germans are begining to figure out it was a bunch of hype.

    @Anonymous - you have obviously never worked with scientists. I work with them on a daily basis and disagreement through discourse is what makes science such a powerful tool. You are professing an idiology and that is why you are so misguided.


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