Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today is National Weatherman's Day!!

Meteorologists (along with storm chasers, climatologists, storm spotters, volunteer cooperative weather observers, radar technicians and all of the other complementary fields) bring tremendous value at very low cost to American society. To get all of the value of weather forecasts, storm warnings, and data, we Americans receive we pay (in taxes each year) the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal®. Compare that cost to a single visit to the doctor!

I bring up physicians because I discussed earlier this week that storm warnings have improved to the point where they should be accorded approximately the same respect as a preliminary medical diagnosis. Neither is perfect, but both should be taken seriously.

And, when a blizzard or tornado is coming, the public gets the warning from (free) television, (free) radio, (free) AccuWeather. That Meteorological Happy Meal covers you for the whole year!
Companies like AccuWeather spend our R&D dollars on devising
better ways to get weather information you -- free. This app
is advertiser-supported and costs the user nothing. 
Just this past week, the forecasts of the major snow storm allowed people to adjust their plans and mitigate the storm's inconvenience and danger.

Here is an article about the significance of National Weatherman's Day!

Now, go out and thank a meteorologist!

Oh, and I understand there is something about a football game later on today.......

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