Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maybe I Don't Want that Private Jet After All

On several occasions, I've stated that I would love to have a private jet if I could afford it. The airlines and TSA have made air travel drudgery, at best.

However, based on a story in today's Wall Street Journal about private-jet trials and tribulations at tomorrow's Super Bowl, maybe it isn't all its cracked up to be. The story is called "Tarmac Gridlock" and here are a couple of highlights:

The result is that some VIPs will have to park their jets VFA—very far away. "We were not expecting this whatsoever," said Brian Payne, manager of the airport in French Lick, Ind., a town of 1,800 two hours' drive south of Indianapolis, most commonly associated with NBA legend Larry Bird.
At least seven private planes will land in French Lick [Indiana] this weekend—more arrivals than the airport typically handles in a week...
The line at Indianapolis International may be longer than the postgame wait at past Super Bowls because the lack of available rooms at hotels—and especially luxury hotels—in Indianapolis is forcing attendees to fly in and out on game day. Though the airport is increasing takeoffs to 100 per hour that night, Mr. Medvescek said, the wait could approach four hours.

Yeah, I'm sure staying at the Hilton Garden Inn would be tough!

Charter companies and others are making special plans to appease the elite mobs of potentially angry private-jetters on the tarmac Sunday night. Million Air, which services private jets parked at Indianapolis International, has created a catered VIP lounge in an aircraft hangar, with eight 70-inch televisions, two theater screens and a race car simulator. "You know, something to pass the time while they're waiting," said Drent Sarault, Million Air's Indianapolis director.

So, maybe a private jet isn't worth the trouble. Of course, I'm open minded and willing to be convinced it is worth the money. Cessna? Hawker? Learjet? I'll take your call!


  1. Oh hell, park it at Midway, rent a limo and go.

  2. I'm a Beechcraft girl myself. If I could afford it, I'd be flying around in a Premier!


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