Winter Storm Update, 9:50am Saturday

We're' going to break the storm into three parts for this update:

Missouri Valley
Here is the last of the advisories on the storm as of 9:45:
Pink = winter storm warning. Purple = winter weather advisory (lesser condition). Bright blue = avalanche warning.

Heavy snow continues to fall in parts of Nebraska and Iowa. Below is AccuWeather regional radar from 9:35am.

As expected, heavy snow has fallen and is falling along I-80 in southern Nebraska. Minden has 12" and Hastings has 10". Additional snow is likely and it still looks like a few areas may receive 15" or more.
Addition: Meteorologist and friend Cathy Zapotocny says 7" at 9am in Omaha and "snowing hard."

Snow still falling lightly in the Denver-Boulder-Ft. Collins area. More than 600 flights have been cancelled by the storm. A couple of areas have reported more than 40". However, all of the interstates are now open and things are slowly getting back to normal.


Lots and lots of rain but there is little chance of any tornadoes or other severe weather. Flash flooding warnings are in effect in the maroon-shaded parishes ( = counties in Louisiana). The green shades are various flood watches/warnings for various rivers. Check local info in those areas.


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