Friday, January 14, 2011

Will They Ever Learn??

Nothing contradicts 'global warming' to the true believers. One of the commenters at Watts Up With That brought to my attention the juxtaposition of these two headlines at Realclearscience. Click to read full headlines.

Meanwhile, we find this headline at the same source:

when, just four years ago, we were learning that rain was "disappearing" from Australia due to global warming:

Over the past 50 years southern Australia has lost about 20 per cent of its rainfall, and one cause is almost certainly global warming. Similar losses have been experienced in eastern Australia, and although the science is less certain it is probable that global warming is behind these losses too. But by far the most dangerous trend is the decline in the flow of Australian rivers: it has fallen by around 70 per cent in recent decades, so dams no longer fill even when it does rain. Growing evidence suggests that hotter soils, caused directly by global warming, have increased evaporation and transpiration and that the change is permanent. I believe the first thing Australians need to do is to stop worrying about "the drought" - which is transient - and start talking about the new climate.

Entire article, in New Science, including the claim that even rivers behind dams will dry up, is here.

To be clear, none of these anecdotes proves anything, either way. My point is that, after telling us -- ten years ago -- that snow is "a thing of the past" in Great Britain with record-breaking snowy winters thereafter and watching all of these other busts occur, one would think it would sober the pro-GW crowd to tone down these outlandish forecasts. Instead, we see more of the same with the "Australia Flooding" headline above. As the post below (scroll down) demonstrates, this flood was both foretold by meteorologists and is not the worst in history. The reason it is such a catastrophe is that more "stuff" was put in harm's way with predictable results.

UPDATE, Friday evening: ABC News is attributing even the rain in Brazil to global warming. As you watch the report, keep all of this in mind:

  • The Brisbane River has risen to higher levels on at least three previous occasions. Given these higher levels, there is nothing unprecedented about this flood from a climate standpoint. There are also charges of mismanagement of the flood control system. 
  • It is too soon to have a detailed view of what happened in Brazil. 
  • The snow in Atlanta was not a record event. The problem was the mayor blamed the meteorologists rather than paying attention to the excellent forecasts.

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