Monday, January 24, 2011

Narrow Band of Heavy Snow Mississippi Valley to Southern New England

Snow forecast. Click to enlarge map or scale.

While still a very difficult forecast, it is becoming clear that snow will fall in the South with heavy snow from D.C. and Baltimore to southern New England. 

We are hoping to thread the needle so that the heavy snow misses Memphis and Nashville (small red circle), but a shift of a few miles in either direction could bring several inches to either city. Washington (circle) and Baltimore may receive 5 to 10" with 6 to 12" in Philadelphia. 

NYC (JFK circled) looks like 5 to 10" with 7 to 14 inches around Providence. Boston should have about 5 inches. 

Because of the narrow width of the snow band, these amounts are still preliminary.  

If you are planning to fly into the band of heavier snows, please read the Airline Crisis Survival Guide.

Addition 10:31pm Central:  170 people have viewed this posting in the hour it has been up. Since some are new to the blog, Kim and I invite you to look around. If you are interested in weather, please check out my book Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. 

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