Monday, January 31, 2011

Here it Comes!

The winter storm warnings are now in effect for Dallas-Ft. Worth all the way through Pittsburgh and Philadelphia through Albany and Boston. Airlines are canceling flights by the score. If you had plans to travel, please check the Airline Crisis Survival Guide.

Here is the map of winter weather warnings.
Map updated 4:35pm. Orange = blizzard warning.
Pink = winter storm warning. 
Here is AccuWeather's snow forecast map. The red areas are areas where ice is forecast to accumulate. Note: Some snow will fall on top of the ice in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Serious icing is expected in the St. Louis and Indianapolis metropolitan areas which will likely extend east across Ohio and into Pennsylvania.

From around Detroit to Kansas City to Wichita, strong winds will cause major drifting and whiteout driving conditions. Here is an AccuWeather map of forecast peak winds:
Highest winds in Missouri and Illinois will be more than 40 mph
causing serious power problems in the ice storm
areas and drifting the snow with blizzard conditions.
Finally, the wind chills will be brutal and life-threatening should you get stuck driving.  Here is AccuWeather's wind chill map for Tuesday:
Purple colors are wind chills colder than zero degrees.
Winds chills colder than -20°F will be common from
Kansas north to the Canadian border. 
If you are in the affected areas, please take this storm seriously!

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