Eastern Storm: A Different Kind of Snow Forecast

I've noticed lots of people asking "how likely" snow is with the developing winter storm in the East.  This is a map of probabilities of snow amounts.
Probability of 1" or more now until 6am Central time Wednesday
Because snow is infrequent in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee one inch can cause major problems which is why I am posting the probabilities of that amount.  The dark orange dot on the Tennessee-Mississippi border = 90%. In Memphis, the probability of 1" or more is 50%.

Probability of 2" or more between 7am Eastern Wednesday to 7am Thursday
Above is the probability of two inches or more. The deep red in West Virginia is 95%.

Finally, the probability of six inches or more:
Probability of 6" or more. The pink areas = 80%. 
Here are some probabilities for specific cities: D.C. 40%, Baltimore 55%, Philadelphia 55%, NYC 60%, Providence 70%, Boston 60%.

I'd be interested in any blog reader comments as to whether they believe this is useful (i.e. specifying the probability).

Finally, there is a chance of tornadoes in the Florida Peninsula today.


  1. well it would be better, if some of the things that were said, told me about what I am to expect, I live in Milford NJ 08848 and really cant be sure what to expect here

  2. Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for the comment. There is a 55-60% chance of 4" or more (see above map). The most likely amount is in the 6 to 9" range (see map with posting below).


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