Pending Blizzard and Ice Storm

Here is a map of the probability of 2" or more from now until 6am CST Monday:

Two low pressure systems will combine to produce ice storm, heavy snow, and blizzard conditions starting tomorrow and lasting into Thursday in the Northeast. This one looks like a very big deal!

Wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph are likely in the heavy snow region causing blizzard conditions.
Four inches or more of snow = "heavy snow'
Map from:
With regard to the ice storm, wind gusts of 40 mph will cause power and tree problems. Preliminarily, the heaviest ice may fall in a 50-mile or so band centered around Coffeyville, KS to St. Louis to Indianapolis. Some of those areas may have heavy snow on top of the ice.

I expect to post more information on this storm late this afternoon or this evening. The low pressure system in the upper atmosphere is now inland and will be better sampled so the forecasts can be more specific.

A suggestion: If you are in the ice storm area, it can't help to be prepared. Fill you gas tank (filling station pumps run on electricity), have fuel for your generator (if you have one), go to the grocery store, etc. If this forecast is correct there will be multi-day power outages in some areas. 

If you are in the heavy snow area, a trip to Lowe's might be in order if you need a snow shovel, snow blower, ice melt, etc. Beat the crowd!  If the forecast is wrong, you'll have it for next time since there is a lot of winter yet.

Noon Update: The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch for Chicago. The airline hub at Detroit will also be affected by the storm. Be proactive! Here is the Airline Crisis Survival Guide.


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