10:45pm Sunday Winter Storm Update

This is what it actually looks like (the car in front of me has its lights on) to
drive in a whiteout. Don't do it! Whiteout conditions
are possible in many areas with this storm.
Things look pretty much on track tonight. Here is a forecast of snow depths from now through Thursday morning. It is important that you not focus on every squiggle and realize that amounts could easily be an inch or two on either side of the depicted values.

I still expect blizzard warnings (farther east, watches) to be issued for much of the dark blue-pink-red-gray colored areas with winds gusting above 40 mph and some gusts above 50 mph causing severe blowing and drifting. Remember, the major snow starts in the southern Plains late Monday night and Tuesday and will spread east from there.

With regard to ice, here is the latest. Again, do not focus on exact details, please focus on the overall pattern.
Darker colors = more glaze ice accumulation.
I believe this will be a major ice storm, especially from Missouri to central Ohio with widespread and possibly long-lived power outages.  If you are in these areas, please prepare for the possibility of several days without power in very cold weather!

Outside of the northern Plains where a separate storm will cause 1 to 3" amounts tonight through Monday, many areas will have tomorrow to prepare for the storm. 

This is going to be my last update on the storm until midday Monday. AccuWeather will continue to update later tonight and Monday morning.

Between now and then, we'll have a number of interesting posts, including one for your student interested in a career in meteorology.


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