Sunday, January 16, 2011

The "Home" of "Home on the Range"

Later this month, Kansas celebrates its 150th year of statehood.  The Wichita Eagle is doing a series of historical articles about the state and I found today's to be especially interesting.  Click here.  

It tells the story of the little cabin in Smith County where Brewster Hegley wrote what would become the state song of Kansas, Home on the Range. Says the article,

Go anywhere — Ireland, Africa, Russia and China — and people know the song.

"That song is the most famous cowboy song in the world," said Orin Friesen at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper near Benton. "When the Wranglers played in China, we played 'Home on the Range' and sang it in Chinese. If you look at the songs other states have — like the 'Tennessee Waltz' and put all the state songs on a list and ask people from across the world which ones they recognize, I bet 'Home on the Range' would be No. 1. It's the most famous state song of all."

2010 Symphony in the Flint Hills. Click to enlarge photo.
For me, the most moving rendition of the song was at this year's Symphony in the Flint Hills when Lyle Lovett led the crowd in a sing along. 

Thanks, Beccy Tanner, for a great article!

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