Vital Post on Why America is Losing its Edge

Posted at Forbes' website and written by Norm Augustine (engineer, businessman, former undersecretary of the Army) and he says,

I’ve visited more than 100 countries in the past several years, meeting people from all walks of life, from impoverished children in India to heads of state. Almost every adult I’ve talked with in these countries shares a belief that the path to success is paved with science and engineering.

In fact, scientists and engineers are celebrities in most countries. They’re not seen as geeks or misfits, as they too often are in the U.S., but rather as society’s leaders and innovators. In China, eight of the top nine political posts are held by engineers. In the U.S., almost no engineers or scientists are engaged in high-level politics, and there is a virtual absence of engineers in our public policy debates.
Why does this matter? Because if American students have a negative impression – or no impression at all – of science and engineering, then they’re hardly likely to choose them as professions.

Bolding is mine. Please read the whole thing here.

I wrote Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather  for two reasons:

  • To celebrate the success of weather science at saving lives. We have taken on everything from category 5 hurricanes to F5 tornadoes and won. The story of the scientists behind that achievement makes for gripping reading; take a look at the 5-star reviews here
  • To inspire the next generation of scientists which are desperately needed to sustain growth in our standard of living.  
As much as I enjoy the Big Bang Theory and other depictions of scientists-as-nerds, I do worry it actually gives young people the wrong idea. Science is exciting, not boring! Don't believe me? Pick up a copy of the book and read it or, get one for a bright young person who shows interest in weather or science. 

You won't be sorry.  


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