Friday, January 28, 2011

"It's Global Warming...It's Global Warming..."

From University of Alabama
I've posted below about the outbreak of silliness pertaining to the claim that the East Coast snow storms this winter were caused by global warming/climate change/global swings, etc., etc. Here is one additional data point that further undermines their case: World temperatures this week are below normal. 

The above graph shows world temperatures (red line) as measured by satellite with the current value highlighted with the red box. The amber-colored line is the average temperature from 1979-2010.

How can it be 'global warming' when temperatures are below normal?

Hat tip: Watts Up With That


  1. It's just an anomaly. Basically, anything that does not fit the notion of AGW is an anomaly. But sometimes the exception proves the rule.

  2. UOA are kidding right.

    Is that not the same University that did the study in 1945 claiming the cigarettes don't harm your health.

    Not so sure about your detecive work there Lou. Global Climate Change is very real, and I hope you are under the age of 50 so you will get to witness for yourself how bad it's going to get.


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