Today's Tornado and Giant Hail Risk - Updated 12:05pm

Tornado Risk
The brown area has a significant risk of a tornado after about 4pm. 

The green area extending south to Oklahoma City, Wichita and Tulsa to the Red River is a where -- if a thunderstorm were to occur (low probability) -- then a tornado may accompany it. 

Giant Hail Risk - Updated
Hatching means hail larger than 2" is possible. The red area has an enhanced risk and the yellow area has a significant risk. Put the car inside or under a carport.

The hail threat has been enlarged east to include St. Louis, Hannibal and Quincy. The giant hail risk is now as far east as Wentzville. 

Safety Recommendations
  • Make sure the kids are nearby and come indoors at the sound of thunder or if the sky looks threatening. 
  • If you have friends that live in a mobile home or infirm relatives, please invite them to your home if you have a basement, safe room, or storm shelter.  A locator for public shelters is here
  • Start monitoring trusted television weather after 4pm. 
  • Make sure you have at least two ways of receiving storm warnings: Wireless Emergency Alerts on your smartphone, a weather radio, a GPS-activated storm warning app. Don't count the siren as you may not hear it over thunder, hail or torrential rain. 
There will be at least one update this evening. 

There is a significant risk of tornadoes in the brown area.


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