Tornado, Wildfire and Winter Storm Updates....

This forecast has been updated. 
Please scroll up for later information. 

Updated storm warnings and watches.....
  • Orange =  blizzard warning. Two counties of Minnesota on Lake Superior (Sunday)
  • Pink = winter storm warning.
  • Magenta = red flag warning (wildfire warning for Sunday).
  • Gold = high wind warning.
  • Brown = high wind watch. 
  • Sand = high wind advisory (lesser conditions for winds up to 35 mph).
  • Dark blue = winter storm watch.
  • Purple  = winter weather advisory.
  • Green = flood warning
  • Dark green = flood watch 
Kansas-Oklahoma Tornado Threat Sunday
Since my post, below, two objective tornado forecast programs have come out that zero in on south central Kansas. 

I believe the probabilities are a little too in these forecasts, but that is not the point. The point is that since tornadoes in southern Kansas have been few and far between the past three years, do not let your guard down. 


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