Tornado Watch in the South: 7:50pm CST

As of 7:50pm, the chances for tornadoes looks to be very small between now and when the tornado watch expires. 

However, the Storm Prediction Center still believes there is a slight tornado risk during the night in the outlined area from Mobile to southwest Georgia. 
A tornado watch is now in effect until 9pm for the outlined area. Please follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 

--- original 1:15pm post --
The area outlined in red has a significant risk of tornadoes between now and 4pm CST.  While I will periodically update on Twitter @usweatherexpert, I will also update this blow during the late afternoon. 

In the meantime, I recommend monitoring trusted sources of local weather information.

Below is the New Orleans radar showing the storms as of 1:13pm. Note the severe thunderstorm warning (yellow polygon) for the Lafayette area. There is also considerable flooding in central Mississippi (green polygons are flash flood warnings). 


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