Global Warming Absurdity

Harvesting wheat in Kansas

I don't know whether the correct description of the behavior the New York Times (NYT) describes below is pitiful or just distressing:

In a small room in Lower Manhattan, a group of eight New Yorkers sat in a circle sharing kombucha and their climate fears against the background of pattering rain and wailing sirens.

In Champaign, Ill., a psychotherapist facilitating a meeting for other therapists held up a branch of goldenrod, asking the half-dozen participants online to consider their connection to nature.

And in Kansas City, Mo., a nonprofit that runs a weekly discussion on Zoom began its session with a spiritual reading and a guided meditation before breaking into groups to discuss topics like the ethics of childbearing amid a fast-rising global population and concerns of resource scarcity.

All were examples of a new grass-roots movement called climate cafes. These in-person and online groups are places for people to discuss their grief, fears, anxiety and other emotions about the climate crisis.

By the way, I've never heard of "kombucha" and I looked it up. The definition:

drink made by allowing sweet teabacteria, and yeast (= a type of fungus) to ferment (= go through a process in which the sugar changes to acidgas, or alcohol), that is thought to be good for your health:

Wallowing in "climate pity" would be idiotic even if what they were worried about was nuclear missiles enroute from China --  but a false issue like "fast-rising global population"?! Note that under 2 out of the 3 scenarios on the graph, population increase will turn negative in the near future (which is probably a larger problem than population increase). 
More and more are realizing the soon-to-be trend in population is down

Meanwhile, food production is at record levels, in both per capita and in total terms. If it weren't for political and distribution issues, no one would starve. World Bank has told us -- again -- that extreme poverty is at the lowest level in the history of the world! This is tremendously good news.

As far as the weather is concerned, fewer people are dying as a result of extreme weather (hurricanes, extreme cold, tornadoes, etc.) than ever in the history of the world! Yes, world temperatures are rising but there are ways of mitigating that issue while, at the same time, working to stop the increase in CO2 concentrations with nuclear power and other methods.

People whipping themselves into a frenzy -- with no genuine reason for it. Yes, global warming is a real problem that deserves real solutions -- and, from where I sit kombucha isn't part of it. It would be sad these people [farther down in thread, not shown here] don't believe in God but do believe in a global warming boogeyman. 


  1. Whipping yourself into an overreactive frenzy again from, as you say, where you sit.
    For all of your expertise, discuss solutions as to bettering our world’s climate challenges [yes, they exist], rather than continually dumping on the problem / opportunity

    1. Mike has discussed solutions before. If you are new to his blog please go back and read his previous, related posts. You will find he does not merely opine, but does offer reasonable and doable solutions. If you are not new to his blog, well........

    2. Anonymous, your comment is shocking because I have been strongly advocating nuclear power and hydro as solutions since 2011 (yes, I went back and looked up the date). I've also, for an almost equal length of time, said that wind (especially) and solar were expensive (when everyone thought they were cheap) and destabilizing to the grid.

      To read a solution-oriented posting, all you had to do is scroll down to the next item ( No Energy + No Food = Terrible Policy!! ). There is also a handy tool called a "search engine" that would allow you to go back the read one of my dozens of posts on this topic.

      Thanks very much.


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