Summary of Weather Warnings Across the Nation!

Current storm watches and warnings. Here is the color code:
  • Pink = winter storm warning.
  • Gold and Amber = high wind watch/warning for Sunday. I expect wildfire warnings to be issued Sunday. 
  • Deep Blue = winter storm watch 
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (lesser condition) 
  • Green = flood watch
  • Sand = wind advisory (winds gusting to 35 mph)
Note: we have previously covered the departing storm in Maine, I am not going to cover it in this post.

Here are the flood outlook for the next 36 hours.

Major Winter Storm Imminent
Yes, that is as much as two feet of snow on the Minnesota-South Dakota border. Sunday night, there is a good chance of wind gusts in the 30-35 mph range, which is near blizzard criterion, which makes mild to moderate drifting possible. 

Forecast radar at 7pm Sunday:
Note: some roads will likely be closed along with school closures. There will be significant flight delays at the Minneapolis airport. 

Radar at 11:20am.


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