Selling Global Warming Like Toothpaste

"...the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) are hiring a public relations outfit, using $500,000 per year of public money, to 'maintain a positive narrative' and “respond to negative viewpoints” about the state’s Climate Act." 

 --- Above from New York Press Release    
Anyone else notice that climate "science" has probably spent more on advertising agencies and public relations than every other science in history combined?

One of the things I've noticed about those on the left side is the aisle is that they believe everyone else just "doesn't understand," and if they have some left-wing Hollywood celebrity or patronizing left-wing PR spin doctor, people will change their minds. After all, doesn't everyone recognize Alyssa Milano as an expert on climate?! They assume that -- regardless of being bombarded with propaganda for the past 35 years, people haven't thought about the topic. 

I've often wondered that when the (relatively few) of these people were in college studying climate*, geology, or meteorology, whether they saw themselves working with Mad Men-types to get people to trust their science? Somehow, I doubt it. 

Pro Tip: The problem isn't that public doesn't believe the climate has changed. They don't trust climate scientists and they especially don't trust the scientists' and leftists' 'solutions' (eating bugs, putting farmers and ranchers out of business, giving up gas stoves, forcing people to purchase electric cars, etc., etc.) that put undue burdens on the average people -- while they fly around on private jets. 

While on the topic of convincing people to join the climate alarmist crowd, I gave some thought to applying for the job that is the topic of the employment announcement sent to me last Tuesday.
Huge salary for a remote job. Looks like I would get to be prosecutor, judge and jury. Sounds great, right??

* Very few of these advocates have actually studied the science of climate. They mostly pay attention to what others have told them. 


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