Natural Disaster Review Board: Let's Get This Done!!

It is said insanity is doing the same thing 
over and over and expecting a different result. 

The largest wildfire in the history of Texas has been 90+% contained. 
To give you some perspective, this fire would extend from New York City to nearly Baltimore!

Now, consider:
  • February, 2024. The Smokehouse Fire, largest in Texas' history.  
  • August, 2023. Fire on Maui kills more than 100 people and obliterates the historic town of Lahaina.
  • December, 2021, more than 1,000 homes burn in Boulder, CO.
  • November, 2018, 86 killed, 17 injured, and $16 billion in damage in California's "Camp Fire."
= suspected or proven involvement of utility wires. 

Prior to 2018, when did you hear about catastrophic wildfires that killed scores of people?

Whether these are random or part of a trend, they have one thing in common: they are still more reasons why the United States desperately needs a National Disaster Review Board to immediately swing into action to investigate what occurred and why, what best practices for prevention, firefighting and evacuations may be, and to get that information quickly to practitioners across the nation so as to mitigate these mega-disasters in the future. Otherwise, the "insanity" (not investigating, etc.) continues. 

While essential to the future of our nation, the bi-partisan legislation in Congress is moving only slowly, in spite of its considerable support. 

While there is a great deal to like in both bills, there are things that need to be amended -- which can be accomplished via hearings (standard procedure) in both houses of Congress.  

Other nations, like Great Britain, have a a board that investigates disasters. People should not have to continue to die and billions of dollars should not continue to go up in smoke because the USA lacks a board like England's. It doesn't matter if it is a wildfire, a tsunami, a tornado, an ice storm, or a hurricane. We need a Natural Disaster Review Board. 

Please contact your congressional delegation today. 


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