California Thunderstorms This Afternoon and Evening; Additional Information at 12:30pm

As of 12:22pm, the low off the coast has become a bit better defined and the storms have strengthened a bit. Lightning is being observed near San Jose. The lighting will increase during the afternoon and early evening. A flash flood warning was just issued for the hills just southeast of Monterey Bay. For more, see below.

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A small weather system will move into California today with showers and thunderstorms as a result.
The map above shows where lightning may occur between 5 and 6pm Pacific time. 

An hour later, thunderstorms are expected to develop along the coast from about Long Beach to San Diego and Tijuana. 

In addition to the lightning, there is a chance of some small hail and, maybe, a funnel cloud or two. 

Here is the forecast rainfall from this weather system (from now until noon Thursday).


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