Update on Northern Snow Storm...And, New England

Tremendous late-season snow storm is forecast for this weekend into Monday for the Northern Great Plains and Upper Midwest. 

Total Snow Until 7am Sunday
Even though snow removal in the northern states is usually pretty good, this snow will be heavy and wet. Power failures are possible and travel will be hazardous.

Sunday and Sunday Night
This is the probability of at least 4" of snow. Amounts are likely to be substantially more than that. 

Monday and Monday Night
Snow continues to fall, especially Monday. 

Some of the models are indicating storm total snowfalls of more than 20 inches. Winds will be moderate with gusts to 20 to 25 mph, so there should be at least a little drifting of the snow. 

New England Next 24 hours
Extreme snow forecast for Upstate Maine and northern New England. 


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