California Blizzard Continues; Updated for Extreme Winds to 190 mph

Extreme Winds; Gust to 190 mph
These were in the Lake Tahoe region (lake at right). The line at the top is I-80 where winds are gusting to 71 mph. These gusts will have to be verified before they are entered into the official records. Of course, that wind would be equivalent to a strong tornado. Fortunately, it is near/at the top of the mountain where there is little to topple. 

I-80 is still  closed due to power failures.

Moments ago (11:25PST) shows snow-covered I-80. Look how high the snow is compared to the post. That looks like at least six feet.
Amtrak's California Zephyr is canceled over the Sierra (terminating at Salt Lake City) as are Union Pacific's freights.

More than 100,000 people without power. 

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8am image of the blizzard in progress in the Sierra. Live images, here

The radar from the same time.
While I-80 has reopened, a high wind warning continues and chains are required. 

The storm will begin to diminish Sunday morning. 


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