The Questions Meteorologists Ask: "Why Weren't The Warnings Heeded"?

Forecasts of "extreme snow" went out on February 26 and continued with NWS blizzard warnings three days before the storm began.

Yet, in spite of all of the warnings....

The snow amounts have indeed been extreme:

Meteorologists measuring snow depths..


  1. I work with students in High School and College. They don't listen to regular TV, Radio and other local news. We have had students wear flip flops and sandels to school and when we have a deluge of rain or snow later in the day they are surprised with it happening. I have asked them and they had no clue it was going to happen because they don't have any local weather that they look at. Unless they get a warning or watch, and even then they ignore them, they are clueless.

    1. Mike Smith here: Is there any way to reach them? How?

    2. You have to have a way to use what they look at or to get them to look at things like local news and weather. They look at sports, but even then it isn't a "local" feed. If you had Tic Tokr's and such pushing it maybe you could. There is no reason for them to look at what they want on local news and weather. Even in their cars they have things like streaming from their phones, spotify and such, and things like Sirius XM that provide no local weather unless you are listening to a local feed. Some of the local feeds might have the news and weather on them and others omit them and have commercials replacing them.


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