Sunday Opinion: Taxpayer Stadium Funding

The above is one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons where conman Lyle Lanley (modeled after Prof. Harold Hill in The Music Man) swindles the town of Springfield to vote for a defective monorail. 

With ballot measures to build new or remodel stadia in Washington and Kansas City this spring, Lyle and Harold come to mind. Twitter wag "Iowahawk" published a great series of comments:

Look, I love the Kansas City Chiefs. I've probably been to 120+ home and away games. But, the taxpayers of Jackson County, Missouri, bought Arrowhead Stadium for them -- which is fine. The taxpayers largely paid for a major remodeling. The Chiefs sold naming rights to GEHA for the field for huge dollars. 

In my estimation, if the Chiefs want "an even better Arrowhead" then they should pay 100% of the cost. 

The Royals' downtown stadium is a bad joke for a bad team. If the Royals want to abandon the stadium the taxpayers purchased for them, they should pay 100% of the cost with no eminent domain. 


  1. Agree, as did the voters of Jackson County, Missouri, yesterday. Pleased folks are wising up to the funding schemes.


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