Tornado Watches Continue to Be Issued; Updated 9:20pm CDT

Severe Thunderstorm Watch; Gusts to 70mph
Until 3am Friday. 

Tornado Watch Until 4am EDT

Tornado Watch for a Small Part of Southeast Ohio
This watch is in effect until 1am EDT.

Another Tornado Watch Issued
In addition to tornadoes, please note that 80 mph winds are forecasted to occur. 

Tornadoes Possible along with Large Hail in Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Tornado Watch for Arkansas and Texas
This tornado watch is in effect until midnight Hail to tennis ball size in addition to tornadoes. 

Tornado Watch for Indiana and Ohio 
Please monitor local weather information as the tornado risk is increasing rapidly. 5:15pm. 

TornadoWatch Midwest to Ozarks
In addition to tornadoes, baseball-sized hail is forecast in this area. 

Please call any friends in these areas to make sure they are aware of the severe weather risk. 

Tornado Watch for Strong Tornadoes 

This is in effect until 6pm. Please call any friends or relatives in the area.  

Tornado Risk 

Yellow hatched is an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. The brown is a significant risk. We already have had a tornado warning issued this morning in Illinois. I urge you to monitor the weather today if you live in these areas.

Giant Hail Risk

The hatched area is where hail 2" or larger is forecast to fall. The red color means there is an enhanced risk of giant hail and yellow means there is a significant risk. 

Of course, I will update later today and will have storm warnings and other information on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 

Below, at 9:36am CDT, is a map of the snow currently falling in Colorado and the thunderstorms in the Midwest. 


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