Trusted Sources of Weather and Climate Information

The National Weather Service has been frequently posting these on Twitter/X the past few days. It is true there are some terrible forecasters on social media.
I am just overwhelmed by the number of new readers the past 60 days and it occurs to me that some of you may not know my qualifications. Here are just a few:
  • Board-certified consulting meteorologist. This a rare and difficult to obtain credential. In the past 60 years, fewer than 1,000 meteorologists worldwide have been so certified. 
  • Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.
  • Recipient of the AMS major award for my work in the field of storm warnings. 
  • AMS Award for educating university professors in forecasting and private sector meteorology
  • Outstanding Product Award, Consumer Electronics Society
  • Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • More than 30 U.S. and foreign patents in the field of meteorology, emergency management, search & rescue, and GIS/GPS.
 When you see a forecast like this on my blog, I spent nearly three hours making it. So, please be assured that if you make me your "trusted weather source" I will do everything reasonable to earn that trust. 


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