7pm Update -- Major Winter Storm in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic Regions

The freezing rain will start tomorrow morning in West Virginia and Virginia and the snow will begin spreading across the winter storm watch by late morning. Above are from the National Weather Service:
  • South of Mason - Dixon Line: Pink is a winter storm warning, primarily for freezing rain/glaze ice. 
  • North of Mason - Dixon Line: Pink is a winter storm warning for heavy snow. 
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition). 
  • Deep green is a winter storm watch for heavy snow. I suspect that will be upgraded to a warning this afternoon.
Above is a map of snowfall amounts. Note that Boston and Portland are in the heaviest snow areas. This is going to be the first major snowstorm in some of these areas in two years. Strongly recommend you prepare accordingly.

Here are the National Weather Serve storm probabilities. 


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