Flooding and Tornado Risk

The risks of flooding and tornadoes we discussed yesterday still exists. 

There is a significant risk of tornadoes along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. 

While this is a preliminary outlook, I'm more concerned about Monday than Friday. The area along the Gulf Coast from Houston east across New Orleans and Montgomery to Tallahassee has an enhanced risk of tornadoes. While less certain, there is a significant risk of tornadoes from Shreveport to Birmingham. 

Unfortunately, we are going to have to have our tornado preparations ready earlier than usual this year in the Deep South. 

Heavy rain is still likely in the Southeast from North Carolina to the Florida Panhandle where flooding may occur. Farther west, there is little flood risk. The rain from Tennessee to Louisiana will be lighter in amount plus that area is suffering from drought.

There is also the possibility of some flooding in Washington and Oregon. 


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