UPDATED: Blizzard Possible Early Next Week

The second of three winter storms will cause misery over much of the Nation, especially east of the Rockies. Blizzard conditions plus a cold wave will have hit by a week from today. It is important the everyone use this information to prepare as this will be a major change in the weather!

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This is a map of the upper atmosphere valid at noon Sunday (7th) to make it easier to keep track of the weather systems involved in this forecast.
Upper Air Data via TropicalTidbits.com
The storm we have posted about pertaining to the winter storm in the Great Plains today and the forecast Northeast and Middle Atlantic starting this weekend is Storm #1.

This post is about Storm #2 in the series.

You will want to get groceries, have prescriptions (re)filled, car maintenance and similar tasks done before the blizzard arrives. 

Here is the snow amount forecast from Storm #2 in the West before 6pm Sunday evening. 

Below is the predicted snow amounts for the Great Plains and Midwest. 
Great Plains and Midwest Winter Storm Map for Monday and Tuesday
I am not covering the mountains. Tomorrow, I'll cover this storm farther east.
The next storm in the series, after causing heavy snow in the mountains of the West has the potential to cause blizzard conditions in the Great Plains and Midwest. Here is the color code:
  • West (left) of the brown line: blizzard conditions are likely Monday - Tuesday.
  • Blue: Areas where 2" or more are likely to fall. In Colorado, New Mexico and Nebraska, the snow will begin Sunday night. In western Kansas, in the pre-dawn Monday, rapidly spreading east Monday. The snow will reach Missouri and Iowa Monday afternoon.
  • Red: Heavy snow (4" or more in 12 hours or less) likely. 
  • Brown line: Blizzard conditions (winds gusting above 35 mph with blowing snow) likely to the west (left). High winds, gusting to 30 mph, will possibly cause blowing and drifting snow to the east. 
This storm will dislodge a major cold air mass that will begin moving south. By late in the week, the first major Arctic air of the 2023-24 winter season will be making its way south. These are the forecast temperatures for 9am January 14. The extreme cold will last at least until January 16.


  1. Mike, great analysis. You were the weatherman at KSN when I was a kid, always liked you and found you to be informative. I now live in STL and we are almost always on the S and warm/rain edge of winter storms. Why this familiar storm track, where we end up with more rain and/or a mix? Storms seem to always turn NE putting us on the warm sector. Thanks

    1. Did you know that I was the meteorologist for KTVI for two years? Love STL!

      In this case, it is very possible that STL will be in the thick of it. Stay tuned!

    2. Thanks Mike, only been here 20 years, must’ve been before then.

  2. The NWS here in the St. Louis area has me down for rain in Lincoln County, Mo.

    1. It is possible some rain may fall at the beginning of the event but the bigger threat is snow accompanied by wind.

      We'll know better by this time Tuesday! 😀


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