Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Heads Up for a Damaging Wind Event Wednesday

Here is a closeup of the enhanced risk area:

-- Wider View --

After the Midwest high wind event of last Friday night where Omaha tied its highest-ever wind gust (95 mph) with the worst non-tornado damage in the city's history and with all of the damage in the St. Louis area, it is important that people in the Midwest be ready for another major event. 

The computer models indicate that the important thunderstorms will not form until after 4pm. 

It is possible the area of wind damage could be a little larger than what this forecast shows. For that reason, I will be updating this forecast Wednesday morning. 

In the meantime, people in the orange area should think about what they would do if tornadoes or damaging winds of 70 mph toppled trees or cut power in your neighborhood. 

Update 3:25pm Tuesday:  There are increasing indications that more of Kansas will have to be included as a candidate for damaging winds Wednesday night. 

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